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1. How do we collect and use your information

1.1 we will based on the principle of legal, proper and necessary, as follows to collect you in the use of the service offering or because the use of the service of information, to provide you with services, to optimize our services and to ensure the safety of your account.

1.2 you provide personal information when you register, login, and the way we use:

1.3 if you use other methods to register, log on to songtastv.com related products, we will collect phone number, E-mail address, user name and password. If you simply browse, search, audition, demo, etc, you don't need to register or login, also do not need to provide the above information.

1.4 if you don't provide mobile phone number, will not be able to use a mobile phone number login authentication function, but does not affect you to use our other services.

2. How do we use cookies and similar technologies

2.1 cookies and similar technology is widely used in Internet technology. When you use songtastv.com and related services, we may use technology to collect your information. We use cookies and similar technology is mainly in order to achieve the following functions or services:

2.2 a safe and efficient operation of the products and services, we may set the certification and guarantee the safety of cookies or anonymous identifier, whether we confirm your login security services, or whether the theft, fraud and other illegal activities. These technologies will help us improve the service efficiency, improve the login and response speed.

2.3 help you to get easier access to experience: the use of such techniques can help you save repeat fill in your personal information, steps and process of input search content (for example: the form filling).

2.4 for your recommendation, the content of the exhibition, push you might be interested in: we may use cookies and similar technology to understand your preferences and habits, data analysis, to improve the products and services, recommend users interested in information or functionality, and optimize your choice of advertising.

You can through the browser cookies set to reject or management and use of similar technology; But please note that if you disable cookies, you may not be able to enjoy the best service experience, some services may not normal use.

1. 我们如何收集和使用您的信息

1.1 我们将根据合法、正当、必要的原则,按照如下方式收集您在使用服务时主动提供的或因为使用服务而产生的信息,用以向您提供服务、优化我们的服务以及保障您的帐号安全。

1.2 您在注册、登录时提供的个人信息及我们的使用方式:

1.3 如您用其他方式注册、登录songtastv.com相关产品,我们会收集手机号码、电子邮箱、用户名、密码。如您仅需浏览、搜索、试听、试唱等功能,您不需要注册或登录,亦无需提供以上信息。

1.4 如您不提供手机号码,将无法使用手机号码登录验证功能,但不影响您使用我们的其他服务。

2. 我们如何使用Cookie以及同类技术

2.1 Cookie 和同类技术是互联网中普遍使用的技术。当您使用songtastv.com及相关服务时,我们可能会使用相关技术收集您的信息。我们使用 Cookie 和同类技术主要为了实现以下功能或服务:

2.2 保障产品与服务的安全、高效运转:我们可能会设置认证与保障安全性的 Cookie 或匿名标识符,使我们确认您是否安全登录服务,或者是否遇到盗用、欺诈及其他不法行为。这些技术还会帮助我们改进服务效率,提升登录和响应速度。

2.3 帮助您获得更轻松的访问体验:使用此类技术可以帮助您省去重复您填写个人信息、输入搜索内容的步骤和流程(例如:表单填写)。

2.4 为您推荐、展示、推送您可能感兴趣的内容:我们可能会利用 Cookie 和同类技术了解您的偏好和使用习惯,进行数据分析,以改善产品服务、推荐用户感兴趣的信息或功能,并优化您对广告的选择。

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